hey, i'm marshallme (he/him/his). i live in colorado springs, colorado. this site is for writing on and goofing off. the /now page gives an update on what i've been up to lately and the last month's stuff page has monthly lists of stuff i took in (movies, articles, shows, music, etc.).

you know that makes me crazy

A recent exchange I witnessed about a suspension at the Washington Post got me thinking about the absurd way a lotta people talk to and about abuse survivors.

video game art

Several opinions about game design are offered by various people in a recent piece in The New Yorker profiling famous video game guy Sid Meier. The article is worth the read even if you have never played one of Meier's games, but many of the opinions in it are things I believe the exact opposite of. The perspective it offers is cohesive and consistent, which is not always the case with games writing and having all of these ideas in one place makes them easier to dissect. Also, I love Civilization, so I am appreciative of the fact that a guy of Meier's age and with his interest in niche strategy games, a genre that often attracts some of the most annoying people ever, is not offering up much worse thoughts here.

annoying guy music

There's Taking Up Space, and then there's being a band called Viagra Boys.

no justice, no joy

How do I feel joy and mirth when life's greatest chance for blissful irony has passed us by?

goods, 2020

Things I saw, listened to, read, or otherwise happened to me in 2020. Well, the things I liked.