february 28th, 2022:

i've rewritten the css/html of the site so that it is now, i think, all mine! i've put this off for ages, having started it early last year and then put it on hold for several months. but it's now new from the ground up, using grid for the layout and with some changes to how the html partials for the site are setup. besides some minor aesthetic tweaks, it doesn't look hugely different on the outside. my plan next is to add some tufte-style sidenotes for posts and maybe something on the right side of the screen for larger monitors given that there is a lot of whitespace now that the site is left-justified.

overall, i'm happy with the changes i've made. i felt some confusion, once again, over how hugo creates html when building the site, so the grid setup felt more complicated than maybe it would have otherwise. but, i think the site is in a good place now and i am finally satisfied-ish with how the font sizes scale across display sizes. it took a long time for me to get it setup where the header wouldn't wrap at certain weird, unpredictable resolutions. now, from 320px on, it should remain on one line.

a /now page is a bit different than an 'about' page. it's explained in more detail on nownownow, but the basic idea is to just include a little about what is going on in a person's life right Now -- like you'd say if you were catching up with an old friend after a long time apart.

so, for me --

february 24th, 2020:

i'm (almost) 30 and currently living in colorado springs, colorado with my wife and dog. my wife and i are both undergoing treatment for autoimmune diseases, but, now that i am in remission, the dog and i are able to get out and hike a few times a month again.

my hobbies are, maybe shamefully, not that different from what they've been most of my life: music 🙉 (most lo-fi things, punk/(post-)hardcore, doom/sludge metal, most things with a hook, gothic country, noise/psych rock, instrumental, noisy, or wordplay heavy hip hop), writing, and video games (most strategy things, rpgs, games where you die a lot).

i made this site as something relaxing to work on and build while i adjust to a new job. i have basic html/css knowledge from my youth, but hugo's incorporation of golang is something new for me to learn, even if it's simple(?). working on this site is a nice way for me to keep my mind from focusing too much on the stresses of a new job. this site is also part of a more general kick i'm on to take time for 'unnecessary' things that brighten my day a little. i'm back to using a chemex to make japanese iced coffee and that little morning routine has been soothing. i've hated shaving my whole life, so i'm now trying to make it 'fun' through a more involved shaving routine with lather, a double-edged razor, etc. we'll see. and then there's the act of making and maintaining this site, which i hope will encourage me to add various kinds of Content to it -- another way of doing something for the sake of it.

In the great void of my life I could feel the shape of what was missing
Like the way the wooly mammoth stands so tall and bold in our minds