hey, i'm marshallme (he/him/his). i live in colorado springs, colorado. this site is for writing on and goofing off. the /now page gives an update on what i've been up to lately and the last month's stuff page has monthly lists of stuff i took in (movies, articles, shows, music, etc.).

How to See Through Fog: Hollywood Handbook

Thanks. This helped.

Things aren't so hot these days, and there are lots of reasons to be anxious, mad, and depressed. I could enumerate them here, but anyone reading this already knows what's up. Instead, I'd like to do a little series on things that have been helping me See Through Fog.

First up: Hollywood Handbook, a podcast.

How to Learn a Dumb Guy

I have worked on this website for the last month and a half. Couldn't tell you why I started on it, initially, but building it has become a legit interest and I have learned so much along the way. It doesn't hurt that it's also been a distraction from the news.